About Us

A leading industrial supply company

We are a leading industrial supplier providing our customers with access to the widest range of products and technical support.

We have a relationship with a wide range of reputable industry-leading suppliers and through our integrated supply business, access to more than 1,000,000 products for direct shipment virtually anywhere in the world.

IBE (International Business Enterprises) is a renowned establishment that is reputed for offering clients cutting edge products and services all over the world right from our operation base at Boston MA United states. We continuously meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering materials on time and per the required specifications



IBE is committed to offering import and export solutions to our esteemed customers in a way that enables them to pursue their financial goals to the maximum, and in the process, empower the communities in which they operate to have access to essential goods and services in the desired quantities and in good time.



To provide the necessary impetus for business growth in all countries in the world by providing access to the widest range of products and technical support.



  • Integrity – We are true to agreements, keep promises and fulfill the expectations of our clients.
  • Excellence – Striving for “win-win” solutions and Empower staff to excel in their activities.
  • Personal responsibility – Fulfill obligations and bring an attitude of ownership to the job every day by being reliable.

Our Team

Unity is strength and when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Meet our dedicated team.

  • Clifford Griffith

    Business Manager

  • Louise Andre

    Business Manager

  • Eduardo Brewer

    Business Manager

  • Alejandro Ringler

    Business Manager

  • Vera Clabaugh


  • Alice Garcia


  • Jackie Davis

    Business Manager

  • Shelia Schultz

    Business Manager

Our Partners

International Business Enterprise has in-house expertise, in many cases to the highest levels of expertise, for all its partnership alliances. We understand that meaningful alliances require investment in time and resources.

Let's Work Together.