We can Assist you in Achieving your Mission

We are the leading Industrial Supplier that offer a wide range of products and technical support to our clients globally.


We facilitate companies wishing to import new, latest version of smartphones, tablets and laptop computers to African  and Middle East markets.

Raw Materials

We help in facilitating importation and exportation of both minerals and agricultural materials from all parts of the world. This include:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Oil products
  • Ferroalloys products like; Ferro-Silicon, Ferro-Chrome, Ferro-Vanadium,Low Carbon Ferro-Manganese e.t.c


We help clients who may wish to import cars,  medium size trucks and heavy duty trucks from all countries.

Our Clients

Whether you are looking to launch or expand your products presence in the international trade arena or you are searching for a particular product or service from overseas we can assist you in achieving your mission.

Let's Work Together.